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Advanced Genomic Testing

Every cancer, like every patient, is different. Genomic tumor assessments help identify the DNA alterations that are driving the growth of a particular tumor. As we understand more about these gene mutations, we are better able to provide cancer treatment therapies that specifically target changes in the tumor's genomic profile. Information about genomic changes that are unique to your individual cancer may help us determine treatments that may be appropriate for you. It's the promise of precision cancer treatment—a focus on the individual tumor in the individual patient.

Since genomic testing may not be right for every patient, your oncologist will help determine if you are a good candidate for the assessments.

genomic testing
The evolution of cancer care

The 2003 completion of the Human Genome Project, which mapped the entire human genetic code, has changed the way scientists and doctors view and treat a number of diseases, including cancer. Learn more

The promise of precision cancer treatment

A deeper understanding of how cancer forms and grows has ushered in a new era—of precision cancer care, where tailored treatments target abnormalities that may be found in each tumor’s DNA profile. Learn more

Who benefits from advanced genomic testing

While conventional genomic testing is standard in cancer care for some patients, advanced assessments may be beneficial to some patients but are only recommended in certain situations. Learn more

Tumor assesments at CTCA

The Centers for Advanced Individual Medicine at CTCA offers access to advanced genomic assessments to patients who qualify, under the guidance of experts in the field of precision medicine. Learn more

Advanced genomic testing: Infographic

Advanced genomic cancer assessments are a growing, promising field of study and science. See our visual narrative.

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