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Tips & support

Designed especially for our patients and their loved ones, the supportive resources we offer at CTCA will help you take care of the many important medical and non-medical aspects of your care, both during and after your breast cancer treatment.

Our Community & Support section includes various resources for patients, caregivers and other others affected by cancer.

breast cancer tips and support

As a caregiver, you are doing whatever you can to help your loved one make informed decisions about his or her care. CTCA® includes you in discussions about your loved one's treatment plan and gives you and your family helpful information about cancer, treatment options, managing side effects and overall health.

Quality of life

Throughout your care, we'll help you manage side effects and maintain your quality of life. We also offer counseling and support groups to help you and your family cope with the personal challenges of cancer.

Nutritional support

Our nutrition and metabolic support team is available to recommend nutrition interventions, including nourishing meal plans and dietary supplementation, to keep you strong, combat side effects and prevent treatment interruptions before they arise.

Survivorship support

Led by a registered nurse, our Survivorship Support Program is designed to help you maintain your health and improve your quality of life once your hospital treatment is complete.