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MammoSite® RTS for breast cancer

Advantages of MammoSite RTS for breast cancer

Some advantages of MammoSite RTS for breast cancer include:

  • While standard breast brachytherapy involves surgically implanting up to 24 catheters into the breast, MammoSite RTS calls for just a single balloon catheter to administer radiation treatment.
  • By delivering internal doses of radiation directly to breast tumors, MammoSite RTS helps to avoid damage to surrounding healthy breast tissue and reduce some of the side effects associated with external beam radiation therapy.
  • With its precise, site-specific approach, this form of breast cancer radiation therapy can be completed in as few as four or five days, compared to seven weeks for traditional external beam radiation therapy.

What is MammoSite® RTS?

MammoSite® Radiation Therapy System (RTS) is an innovative form of brachytherapy (a type of radiation therapy) targeted specifically for breast cancer treatment.

MammoSite RTS involves the placement of radioactive seeds (pellets) (using just a single catheter) directly to the area where a breast tumor has been surgically removed via lumpectomy.