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IMRT for breast cancer

Advantages of IMRT for breast cancer

The following are advantages of IMRT for breast cancer:

  • IMRT employs an advanced computer program to precisely map your radiation dosage in three dimensions, based on the breast tumor’s size, shape and location.
  • IMRT directs radiation at the breast tumor and modulates the intensity of the radiation beams with laser accuracy, helping to spare healthy tissue surrounding the breast tumor.
  • IMRT allows each dose of radiation to be custom-tailored according to the exact geometrical shape of the breast tumor.

IMRT breast cancer radiation therapy may be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities. Your care team will work with you to determine the best treatment plan based on your individual needs.

If you have previously had breast cancer radiation therapy and are experiencing recurrent tumors in the treated area, IMRT may be an appropriate option for you.

What is IMRT?

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is a state-of-the-art radiation delivery system that is used to treat difficult-to-reach tumors.

How it works

IMRT uses advanced software to plan a precise dose of radiation, based on tumor size, shape and location. A computer-controlled device called a linear accelerator delivers radiation in sculpted doses that match the exact 3D geometrical shape of the tumor, including concave and complex shapes.

With IMRT, our radiation oncologist can adjust the intensity of radiation beams across the treatment area as needed with laser accuracy. This means we can deliver higher radiation doses than traditional radiation therapy methods, while minimizing exposure to healthy tissues.

Because of its greater degree of accuracy, IMRT may be a treatment option for patients who have reached the maximum allowable dose of conventional radiation therapy and have a recurrent tumor in the treated area.

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