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IGRT for brain cancer

IGRT for brain cancer

With IGRT, we can locate and track the brain tumor at the time of treatment, and conform the radiation to the brain tumor, limiting radiation exposure to nearby healthy brain tissues. This significantly decreases side effects and complications, while delivering the same radiation dose.

Helping you maintain your quality of life

Your care team anticipates and proactively manages the potential side effects of radiation therapy for brain cancer. Before, during and after your treatment, you’ll receive integrative oncology services designed to keep you strong and nutritionally fortified, reduce the side effects of radiation, and promote your overall well-being.

What is IGRT?

Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) allows our doctors to locate and track a tumor at the time of treatment.

With IGRT, we can deliver precise radiation treatment to tumors that shift as a result of breathing and movement. This also allows our radiation oncologists to make technical adjustments when a tumor moves outside of the planned treatment range.